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Lime sheets and a yellow submarine

So this morning I looked at the plain white sheets I had set aside for a yellow/orange tie-dye treatment that I didn’t get around to yet, and I decided to do a mottled lime green low-immersion dye job instead: After rinsing the sheets out and washing them, I felt they were too light so I… Continue reading Lime sheets and a yellow submarine

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Video tour of the Cowichan Valley Needlearts Guild’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition

I shot this this morning for my guild and slapped it up on YouTube this evening: The Cowichan Valley Needlearts Guild‘s 20th Anniversary Exhibition runs from July 9th through 21st at the Portals Gallery in the lobby of the Island Savings Centre in Duncan, BC. The pieces in the exhibition show a range of different… Continue reading Video tour of the Cowichan Valley Needlearts Guild’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition

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Frame, haul, canvas, etc.

Didn’t have time to post yesterday as my crafting time was directed to building a blog for my guild: Got it done just ahead of the exhibition opening, lol… Anyway, today I popped up to Nanaimo to grab a couple more needlepoint patterns and some threads and canvas at The Stitcher’s Muse. I may… Continue reading Frame, haul, canvas, etc.

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Finished canvaswork, etc.

So, I finished my first-ever canvaswork that I’ve been posting about the last couple days: As I mentioned before, this is the first design in Carolyn Mitchell‘s “Have a Drink on Me,” which is subtitled “Hot Cocoa.” The set was inspired by coffee, but I don’t drink coffee, and I know I’ll be doing tropical… Continue reading Finished canvaswork, etc.

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First ever canvaswork, etc.

So, last couple days have had me back to recording stuff and trying to get a decent bass tone, but that’s nothing to do with this blog. I’ve also been chugging along on Blackbird Designs’ “Yellow Submarine”: And this evening I got a start on my first-ever canvaswork project, one of the 4 pieces in… Continue reading First ever canvaswork, etc.

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Roots, vines, and baskets, oh my…

So I went down to Victoria today to hit the giant Value Village down there (also the needlework shop I should stay out of until I stitch through my current stash… lol…). At the Value Village I ended up picking up a bunch of random things for the house I’m going to buy just as… Continue reading Roots, vines, and baskets, oh my…