Blog: October 18, 2015

Originally published on my other website, but I’m copying over all the DIY and craft-related stuff to here.

Today’s dose of bitching and moaning has to do with decorating and nesting.

Also, the annoying part of living with my father.

See, the parquet wood living room floor looks OK but it tends to be cold 3 seasons out of the year, plus I’m trying to make things look nicer in there. Part of that involves finding an area rug.

Now, my natural inclination is towards a more Bohemian look with layered Persian rugs like this:

But I know damn well that won’t fly until I have my own damn pad where I get to make the rules.

Instead I figured a large plain rug for now:

IKEA HODDE rug, huge and cheap

And then maybe keep an eye out for something small and Persian for right under the coffee table where I sit.

I mention this plan and while I had previously gotten a “whatever” shrug about the topic of area rugs in the living room now I got a tirade about it being a pain in the ass to keep carpets and rugs clean and you have to vacuum blah blah blah and it’s so much easier to leave the floor bare because you can sweep it and keep it clean easy.

Uh… if he’s so concerned with keeping things clean, why the Hell do I keep finding his toenail clippings all over the bare floor?

(Granted this will still be a problem with a rug, but my point is he who bitches about cleanliness might wanna walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Or at least clip his toenails in his own room instead of the living room. Just sayin’…)

I suppose it would be rather passive aggressive to spend the winter complaining about cold floors, huh?

Or, y’know, I might just see fit to go get the damn IKEA rug on my own at some point and put it down when he’s not home.

I might also really incur his wrath by buying a lightweight Dirt Devil upright to keep in the front hall closet, because vacuuming isn’t a big deal when it’s convenient, which is the exact opposite of the giant heavy, difficult to maneuver, awkward, 1970s relic canister vacuum that lives downstairs and misses half the dust and dirt anyway.

Actually, considering how he never looks in the front hall closet, it could be months before he figures out I got my own better vacuum. And I suspect the real issue is he thinks I would dare ask him to spend his money on the rug(s) and new vacuum, which isn’t the case.