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DIY Project: Curtains for the Spare Room

Originally published on my other website, but I’m copying over all the DIY and craft-related stuff to here.

So, my bedroom-to-be is nearing completion downstairs, which means the time is drawing near to change my current (temporary) room back into the guest room.

I figured I’d make a little design project out of it, settling on a kind of “boho nautical” theme, and using a few things I already had like nightstands/side tables, along with doing a bit of shopping, and filling in the rest with DIY’s.

First up: curtains.

The house came with some serviceable but kinda meh slate/aqua blue lined curtains from Wal-Mart. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, necessarily… but these had no personality… well, I guess the previous owners tried.

I had a notion about maybe getting some tie-dyed ones in blue and white (I know a bit about fabric dyeing, but have not done tie-dye and figured curtains were a bit too much for a first tie-dye project). I saw some I liked on eBay for $40, but they were too narrow and I’d have to buy 2 pairs for decent coverage.

Based on that, I headed to the fabric store with a budget of $80. My math told me I needed 8 metres of 42-44″ width fabric, 6 metres of 54″ width, or 4 metres of the 60″ stuff, but I pretty much knew nothing at my local store that’s that wide is suitable for the curtains I envisioned.

I remembered seeing some tie-dyed cotton voile, and upon getting there I noted that it was $14/m but on sale for 50% off. I dithered between the turquoise and white and the indigo and white versions before deciding the indigo was better.

I also looked at some other more drapery-oriented choices, but I kinda liked the idea of the light voile billowing in the breeze when it’s hot enough in the summer to have the windows open. Plus, light filtering through, yadda yadda yadda.

I ended up buying 10 metres, ie the whole damn bolt or what was left on it, and still came out ahead of the buy-2-pairs-of-eBay-curtains price point. That was more than I need, but I figure I can use the leftovers for pillow shams or just throw them in my quilting stash.

Anyway, next up was measuring the four 2 metre pieces, sewing them lengthwise into two panels, making a hidden pocket for the curtain rod on each and then hemming them before hanging them up.

As there will be some orange touches mixed in to break up the tan and blues that dominate the room, I ordered some cheap orange rope tie-backs from eBay, which will get here eventually.

I may also get one of those Indian valances (also in orange) for across the top, but we’ll see when the rest of the room is put together if I think it’s going to work or if it’ll be too much.