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DIY Project: Gallery wall in the spare room, phase 1

Originally published on my other website, but I’m copying over all the DIY and craft-related stuff to here.

(Previous spare room stuff here and here.)

So the finished wall is above because I forgot to take a before pic… basically the only thing there was the big sailing painting (found at Value Village a year ago for 10 or 20 bucks).

I’d had a notion of making a gallery wall using some frames I’d been accumulating from the clearance section at HomeSense over the last little bit, some pics I’ve taken at local beaches/shores (the room theme being boho nautical as I mentioned before) and some other knick knacks I have. Yesterday I had some spare time to actually make it happen.

(This is phase 1 because I have a couple other things buried in the laundry room storage closets that I still have to dig up… then again, by the time I get around to that and have the rest of the room done, I might decide those couple things just make it cluttered. Dunno yet.)

I went through the photos on my cell phone, picked some favourites to tweak in Photoshop, and piled up the frames and other stuff and made a rough arrangement, which I more or less stuck with as things got hung up.

Here are a couple closer shots:

Above: (clockwise from top left) Vintage postcard depicting Saanich Inlet/Finlayson Arm from the Malahat summit viewpoint in a frame from HomeSense; the aforementioned thrift store sailing painting; little mirror that someone else DIY’d with glued on sand and seashells, found at Value Village (it’s missing a couple shells, so when I get my craft stuff organized I will glue a couple new ones on); double frame from Walmart, top pic is Spanish Banks in Vancouver, bottom is the sandbar at Island View Beach outside of Victoria; little glittery shell plaque I got at Michael’s around Christmas.

(Clockwise from top left): the sailing painting again; pic of the rocks on the shore at Roberts Memorial Provincial Park outside of Nanaimo in a frame from HomeSense; another of those Michael’s shell plaques bought at the same time as the other one; Island View Beach the day after a storm when the sea was still angry, frame again from HomeSense; hooks thing from HomeSense as well.

Damn, I sure shop at HomeSense a lot, maybe too much, lol… but then a lot of the thrift store stuff I have is either for downstairs or it hasn’t gotten put out yet. Well, except in the top pic there’s a little orange and blue mini-basket on top of the table, which I found at Value Village, and a brown stoneware piece in the middle of the table, which I also got at Value Village. But there’s more to come.

(PS: the shoes in the very top pic aren’t staying here once my room downstairs is done, so that space will be clear in a month or so.)