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Bistro set, unpick-a-rama, and Photoshop

So there’s this cheap-ass metal bistro set at Walmart that I’ve had an eye on for a few weeks now.

$128 CDN, which is certainly cheap, but I know the Walmart drill: it will eventually get cheaper.

Today was that day, and when I went in to get some groceries… just groceries, pinky swear!… there they were for $78 CDN.

Which is, what? 47 cents US?

Anyway, I tipped one into the cart and brought it home and set to assembling it in the carport, and then stuck it on the path in front of the kitchen window. Sure it blocks access to the front door, but we use the side door anyway, especially in between trips to the recycling depot when the cardboard piles up in the front hall because there seems to be no other logical place to amass it in this house. Or maybe we’re just uber-white trash, I dunno.

Back to the bistro set: Ya gets what ya pays for, so it’s kinda wonky, but then I couldn’t get the screws on the cross-braces of the chairs to go in more than a couple turns, even using my old trick of putting dish soap on the screw threads to lube ’em up.

When my dad gets back from visiting family in Winnipeg in a few weeks, I’ll get him to have at ’em with one of his power drivers, til then I’m sitting gingerly.

But at least I can now sit outside and work and enjoy the fresh air… so long as the wind isn’t bringing the pulp mill fumes my way. (Usually it’s not too bad in this spot. A couple blocks over it reeks much more regularly.)

(Oh, who am I kidding… I’m watching the neighbor work instead. But I am getting a nose full of pollen and surely all that sneezing counts for something, right? RIGHT?)

Now, I have zero intention of leaving it as is. Even weeks ago when they first showed up in Walmart (for the season, pretty sure the same set was for sale last summer), my thought was that it was a great little cheap set to then spray-paint a more interesting color. Something bright and tropical or nautical or both.

I probably won’t bother until I have my own house later this summer/fall, though, so for now it will remain white.

I suppose that technically makes assembling the bistro set “pre-crafty” not crafty per se, but there ya go.

It’s not the only pre-crafty thing I did today: I have a curved-pieced landscape quilt top that needs a little oomph added before and after I get to the actual quilting and one idea I had was to experiment with needle-felting onto it. So I watched a couple videos on YouTube on needle felting and did some scheming about how I want to proceed… which I likely won’t get around to any time soon.

In more stitchy-related stuff, I spent an hour blabbing on the phone with my brother, during which time I unpicked the sunburnt/dyed Adam and Eve from Hallow Eden as screwed up yesterday.

But the more important sort-of-crafty thing today is that I’m printing out a stack of photos of the house to mail to my dad so he can show the relatives, specifically his ailing mother. He phoned and requested I sent digital copies, but we ran into assorted technical difficulties, so we’re going back to the old-fashioned methods.

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