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Back at it, a little bit

Been distracted by real estate bullshit this week, but I got a few things done today.

Well, a couple. Unless you count opening mail that had a Blackbird Designs chart and also StitchyBox‘s summer box, which is more like pre-crafting.

Well, I’d like to get started on “Yellow Submarine” soon, so I did a quick and dirty low immersion dye job on some 22 count aida for it:

And I went through the thread list and and picked out what I want to use. For the most part I’m using the recommended DMC conversion, but I made a bunch of substitutions where I didn’t have the listed color but had something very close or I wanted to use a varigated DMC that was closer to the listed fancy floss. (I did make a note of the conversions, but won’t post it til the piece is done because who knows if I decide to change some of the floss as I go along.

Speaking of cross-stitch, I managed to add a few more stitches to Moira Blackburn’s “Don’t Worry Spiders”: