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We all live in a something something something…

I popped into the post office antiques mall at Ladysmith today, intending to look for an Egyptian touristy ottoman I saw last time I was there.

Of course, it was gone, lol, it’s been a while.

As was the State of Texas rusty iron fireplace gate. Knew I should have coughed up the $150 for that last time.

No worries, though, because I found something better:

It’s so awful it’s awesome!

I also found a plastic Elvis figurine and a promo pick of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Then on the way back I stopped in at the Antiques Barn in Chemainus and found a nifty wood clock that reminds me of modern quilt blocks and a cheap wall basket.

The wall basket was plain and kinda ugly, but it had a nice shape and I figured I’d spray-paint it and then use it for corralling my sunglasses, since I’m always misplacing the damn things:

Orange is probably just the base coat, and I’ll add a distressed aqua over top with just some of the orange showing through, but we’ll see when I finally get my damn house bought what color scheme my entry will be.

Other than that, I started in on Yellow Submarine:

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