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Roots, vines, and baskets, oh my…

So I went down to Victoria today to hit the giant Value Village down there (also the needlework shop I should stay out of until I stitch through my current stash… lol…).

At the Value Village I ended up picking up a bunch of random things for the house I’m going to buy just as soon as the right one shows up on the market. 😛

So, getting ahead of myself, again, of course.

But anyway:

Gotta love it when someone else already painted it for me. Similarly, I won’t need to change a thing on this cute little basket, which somehow found its way here from Ontario:

I probably won’t paint the star basket (and I already had a couple others that match it), but the wall baskets will get painted bright tropical colours eventually:

Also found a few assorted small trays for Priscilla-style “old and crusty” cross-stitch finishes in the future:

Plus a couple books for future reference:

Anyway, for actual crafting as opposed to stash-building, I got some more work done on Blackbird Designs’ “Yellow Submarine,” specifically the vine pattern at the top:

The floss in question is some leftover DMC 924 that I overdyed with some purple tones when I did Country Cottage Needleworks “Forest Snowfall” earlier this year, so it is variegated, with some more greenish teal and some more purplish tones, but the lighting isn’t too hot in my dining room so it doesn’t show up in this photo.

No dye jobs, other than the long-overdue one I did on my roots to blend them down a bit. I was out of Blondissima so I couldn’t really lighten them up all the way to Kelly Bundy blonde to match the ends, but oh well. Still an improvement.