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First ever canvaswork, etc.

So, last couple days have had me back to recording stuff and trying to get a decent bass tone, but that’s nothing to do with this blog.

I’ve also been chugging along on Blackbird Designs’ “Yellow Submarine”:

And this evening I got a start on my first-ever canvaswork project, one of the 4 pieces in Carolyn Mitchell‘s “Have A Drink on Me”:

Yesterday being Canada Day, I decided to pop over to Fabricland/Black Sheep Quilt Shop to look for some Canada fabric just because. I found a pack of 20 precut strips 5″x 44″:

I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do with it, but I have a notion of slowly making a series of seasonal throw quilts for the back of the sofa, so probably one of those. And I have a sense of maybe having them as diagonal strips cutting into a solid grey background, but I’ll have to sketch a few things out on graph paper.

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