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Lime sheets and a yellow submarine

So this morning I looked at the plain white sheets I had set aside for a yellow/orange tie-dye treatment that I didn’t get around to yet, and I decided to do a mottled lime green low-immersion dye job instead:

After rinsing the sheets out and washing them, I felt they were too light so I overdyed them again:

Still pretty subtle, but I like it. Kinda impressionistic.

BTW: wear your gloves, folks:

I always forget that green and blue dye stains skin. Usually with red/pink/purples I can get away without gloves when rinsing and squeezing out the dye water from the fabric, but green and blue always leaves a mark when I do that.

Oh well.

Aside from that, I also worked a tiny bit on “Yellow Submarine” by Blackbird Designs:

Oh, and the other day I finished the third design of Carolyn Mitchell’s “Have a Drink on Me”:

So today I took that off the stretcher bars and cut another 9×9″ piece of canvas for the fourth design and tacked that on the stretcher bars. Haven’t put any stitches in yet, though.

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