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Number 4 and #38

Today was all about music stuff until late in the evening, when I sat down to make some progress on the fourth and final design of Carolyn Mitchell‘s “Have a Drink on Me”:

I would have finished it as well, except in trying to bury one of the threads at the back I inadvertently sewed through the corner of the tip of my right middle finger.

I still have no clue how that happened: one second I was pushing the needle through under the backs of other stitches using the flat side of my needle threader, with my fingers behind it, the next second my finger was stuck to the back of the work with 1/2″ of needle poking out the other end.

No bleeding, and I guess that’s dead skin or callus or something, so after realizing it was stuck, I used the flat side of the threader to push it back the other way so I could slide my finger off and at that point I figured I’d call it a night and put some Polysporin and a bandaid on my finger.

Kinda hurts but still no bleeding.

What else… well, yesterday I went to an antiques mall in Chemainus and saw perhaps the greatest thing ever:

Some sort of Gerald Ford commemmorative glass doodad with a quote from his inaugural address on the back. I have no clue what he was going on about with this “truth is the glue that holds government together” nonsense, but meh, they say the world was a different place in the 1970s.

Anyway, it’s everything I love wrapped up into one: vintage, kitsch, brilliant color, glass, Americana, absurd, and right-wing enough to piss off the people who annoy me most.

And all for only $28.

Which I’m sure is more than it’s worth since it’s an antiques mall in a tourist town, but whatever. Gerald came home with me and will be given a pride of place on a sunny window in my new house… whenever I manage to find and buy one.