Thrifting and antiquing

Thrifting, viewing, hoping for a house

Today was a bit of a weird day – went for a morning walk after putting out the trash, came home already hot and sweaty by 8:30am and the sun wasn’t even getting started yet.

I played drums a bit, surfed the web, then headed out back to the Chemainus antiques mall where I found Gerald Ford on Monday to pick up a couple of hundred year old French Catholic plaques that I’d seen and figured I’d get another day. They kinda nagged at me to go back and fetch them ASAP, so I did:

This second one, Saint Anne, is Mary’s mother, and apparently her feast day is tomorrow, but with a 10 day novena before then. Also, apparently unmarried women pray to her for a husband.

Funny how these things work out.

I went to another antiques shop/gift shop and then the Chemainus thrift store everyone’s been raving about to me. It was OK. I did get a couple small things, but not much.

I still had time to kill before my lesson so I checked out the new location of Thrift Town in Duncan. They’re OK, but I commonly walk out empty handed. Today I found a couple brass storks that match ones my mother had when I was a kid that I think her sister has (Aunt Colleen always collected brass, so probably at some point Mom got sick of looking at them and gave them to Colleen… either that or they’re still in some box at my Dad’s house.)

Then I popped by another place whose name escapes me and found some gemstone prints and also a carved African-looking king figurine.

Then off to my drums lesson.

I had time to kill before heading to Shawnigan Lake to view a house, so I popped by the Sassy Lion and found a silk embroidery piece showing a pair of lovebirds, which works with the tropical vibe I plan to be working with.

The house in Shawnigan looks pretty good and I’ll be making an offer. Who knows if theyll accept, though.

I should know by the weekend one way or the other… well, the initial offer expires tomorrow July 26th at 6pm, but I assume there will be some back and forth on it.

I wonder if Saint Anne has any clout with the real estate market, lol. It is her feast day, after all.