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Hello August

So, I didn’t get the house I was talking about in the last blog. Oh well. Mercury’s in retrograde, so I expect some bumps along the road for the next couple weeks.

I’ll be seeing another house in a day or so, but based on the layout diagram, I think they’re lying about room sizes, which means they can shove it. But ya never know.

Anyway, so in the meantime, I finished that fourth design for Carolyn Mitchell‘s “Have a Drink on Me”:

I should probably make a list of all the thread substitutions, but meh…

Sorry, my brain is foggy this week. I think I got heat exhaustion on Friday loading some more boxes into my storage unit in the middle of the afternoon when it was 34 degrees out, and then it wasn’t helped by trying to fix an issue with the irrigation system on Sunday (again in the hot sun) and a lot of driving around even though I had the A/C on in my car.

Anyway, before my brain melted, I did some antiquing and auction-going on the weekend; here are a few highlights:

Black oak table from the antique mall in Ladysmith, first large-ish antique piece I’ve bought:

Auction stuff (also got some small stuff I don’t have clear photos of):

Aside from that, I’ve been thinking about garden plans for whichever house I eventually do buy, and it just so happens this is a good week to get things like planters on clearance from places like Jysk. I’ve also been sketching ideas, but until I know what house I end up with, sketching is about all I can do.

I would like to have some sort of formal garden layout in a front yard and then a vegetable garden surrounded by wilder flower beds in the back yard, probably with a tiki-themed patio and some hardy palms and banana leaf plants. But we’ll see.

Anyway, back to stitching.

Since my last post, I’ve made some headway on Prairie Schooler‘s “Night Flight,” completing the witch:

I almost completed the little house on Moira Blackburn’s “Don’t Worry Spiders”:

And just this evening (when I should have been working on more important things!) I dyed 3 pieces of aida for new projects to start soon:

1. A purplish background for a pattern from the brand new Halloween 2018 Just Cross Stitch issue (page 102, I think?):

2. By the Bay Needleart‘s “Blue Hawaiian Garden”:

3. Country Cottage Needleworks‘ “Beach Day”:

Now, for this last one, a couple notes:

a. This will be the third time I start this. The first two were on some crappy 18 count beige aida I got at Michael’s which I think is fine for more open stitching, but since big parts of this are full coverage, the damn aida started to pucker and buckle, even on the second time when I made a point of trying to stitch loosely.

b. I love how the dye job turned out and the turquoise area to the left kinda lines up with the shape of the water area if you look at the design here. And there’s some nice subtle mottling in the beige area on the right.

So maybe instead of the full coverage as given in the design I might do wavy lines or something so it shows more of the background fabric. Dunno yet.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to in the last week.