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Oh, right… blogging… forgot about that…

So, I forgot to post in a couple weeks. Oops.

Let’s see here… updates…

No news on the house hunting front.


I’d started working on By the Bay Needleart‘s “Blue Hawaiian Garden.” Originally it was on a piece of aida I’d dyed shades of light blue with some yellow/orange, but it dried a lot lighter than shown in the last blog post when it was still damp, so the blue threads on the palm trees blended in, so then I tried using darker blues, but that didn’t work either…

Finally I had the idea of dyeing a new piece of aida and going with pinks and corals and just a bit of turquoise, more of a sunset vibe. That worked perfectly.

Progress was also made on Moira Blackburn’s “Don’t Worry Spiders”:

And Carriage House Samplings‘ “The Birds and the Bees”:


The big news is there actually was some! I got my ass in gear and did a spiral pattern on this cushion cover-to-be made from scraps of my last large quilting project, a headboard quilt to cozy up my bed, done with improv pieced batiks as shown on my second QuiltTube video:

Anyway, here’s the cushion cover as it currently stands, the spiral pattern got to be more topographical as it got to the edges, kinda wish I’d started that sooner but oh well.


I’ve actually been doing a bunch of gardening, but not the useful sort like weeding Dad’s overgrown vegetable garden. I did a teeny bit of weeding in the front flower bed, but not nearly enough.

And today I sheared back my lavenders so they won’t get so damn woody and leggy as they did last year, when I was somehow under the impression you didn’t need to do anything with them.

At least my green bin smells awesome, lol.

The other week I took advantage of the start of the clearance sales on annuals to juice up my pathetic hanging baskets with some cheap fillers. I’d tried planting from seeds in them, but well, that didn’t work as well as I’d hoped, probably because I planted them late and didn’t really dress the soil or anything. Oh well.

Since inserting the annuals, I’ve been pouring on the Miracle Gro once a week, which helps.

Speaking of clearance sale plants, I know when I do finally get a house, I want to do a version of a formal garden but with some xeriscaping, so I’ve been taking advantage of sales to get some hardy succulents that will form ground cover:

Those green ones are hen and chicks and seriously packed. I got them for 5 bucks a pack, and by the time I’m done separating them out and repotting all the babies on their own, I expect to have about 30 of them. Not a bad start, and I’ll likely pick up more packs this week.

The black ones don’t have any babies, but they do have some leaves I can pluck off for propagation over the winter.

And one more plant pic: two baby hardy palms I got for 20% off, a couple of creeping ground covers with blue flowers, and a couple Walmart fall chrysanthemums I got for $7 each:

Bubbler DIY fountain:

OK, so I should have taken some in-progress pics, but I didn’t, so here ya go:

I got the pot on clearance at London Drugs for 7 bucks (and another powder blue one with the same starfish/anchor/fish motif). When I got it home I noticed there was no drainage hole, and I debated using it for planting anyway since I’ve seen gardening YouTube videos that say it’s no big deal, you just water less often, but then I wanted to make some water features once I move into my new house and figured since this is small it was a good practise run and it will fit on the stoop at Dad’s house in the meantime.

I bought the smallest pond/fountain submersible pump they have at Dinter’s along with a foot of 1/2″ pond tubing, then took an old 6″ nursery pot I had kicking around, pulled the tubing through one of the bottom holes to keep it upright, and cut a notch out of the rim so the power cord could come up through it. I then put the pump, tube, and pot assembly in the blue pot, put it on the stoop, and started filling the pot with various large and medium rocks I’ve picked up on local beaches. I then filled it with water and plugged it in and rearranged some of the rocks on top so as to change how the water comes out (looks like it emerges from under a flatter rock on top) and put some oyster shells on the very top.

So now when I sit on the front walkway at my little bistro set (as I’m doing now), I can hear some bubbling water.

Other than that it’s been the usual: working on new music and demos, and making obnoxious iguana podcasts (Zamo the Destroyer).