Embroidery · Quilting

Cutting and piecing.

Most of the last couple days’ crafting time has been consumed with prep work for future quilting.

I signed up for a Stacy Day workshop in September in Victoria, and while her sample piece has a light background:

… I saw the stars effect as being more of a Christmas quilt, so I went with a dark olive green background and shades of brighter green, red, pink, lime, gold, and silver for the stars.

And considering how much time the cutting and pressing took, ain’t no way I’m changing my mind now.

In other quilting, I had a look through the stack of kitted projects I had piled under my ironing board and picked out the charm packs of Kate Nelligan‘s “Beach House” fabrics sold through Moda.

I’m related to the Nelligan clan through my mother’s side of the family (I see Kate is from Maine, mom’s people are from Prince Edward Island but different branches were from all over the Maritimes since the first couple Nelligan brothers or cousins came over during the potato famine), plus I love anything beachy, so I grabbed a couple of them last summer from Black Sheep Quilt Shop in Duncan, and at some point separated them out into cools and warms. I think originally I had a notion about making table runners, but then as I looked through my 100 cool squares, I remembered that last year I also bought a jelly roll of white and navy blue prints from Walmart, and I got to thinking I should put those together, and now it looks like I’m going to end up making a queen size quilt in a sort of courthouse steps sort of pattern.

Although, to keep it from getting too massive, I think I’ll be stepping it down from the 2×2 centre squares to 1.5″ for the next round, then 1″ and finally 1/2″. This should finish my 100 blocks out around 8″, making for a good queen sized, possibly with a border to end around 88″ square. Haven’t gotten that far yet, though.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the warm-colored charms from those same packs. Probably I’ll figure out something that will become the back of the same quilt since I’m kinda getting into the idea of pieced backs and reversible quilts.

There has been some stitching as well, but not much. I’m working on a Christmas ornament from the 2011 July/August issue of Just Cross Stitch (“Baa Baa Birdie” by Sharon Crescent):

This one has been slow for such a small piece, I think because I’m used to smaller gauges requiring fewer threads and finer needles.

Oh well, now I know to stay away from 14 count.