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Potting and quilting

So, in the last couple days I mostly built stash from the clearance sections of 3 different Fabriclands (I gotta stop that shit), but I did get some other stuff done.

I finished the first round on half of my quilt blocks on that “Beach House” quilt.

I also finished that little Christmas ornament “Baa Baa Birdie” from the July/August 2011 Just Cross Stitch issue:

I picked up a few knickknacks at an auction, but this is the only one I have handy to photograph, an old leaded glass pane that I got for $20:

I figure I’ll likely hang it outside somewhere as a garden accent, since I have stained glass I made years ago that I will be wanting to hang inside the house (ie, the one I’m looking to buy). I also picked up some of those round glass pebble things from Michaels along with some clear-drying Weldbond glue that is supposed to work on glass and I’ll add some color to it that way, but probably wont get to that for a while.

Who knows, it may well find a home inside the new house depending on how many windows there are and their sizes, but I’ve seen lots of these sorts of panels that people have hung outside around a patio and they look great.

Speaking of the new house, it apparently hasn’t come on the market yet. Ugh. August was dreadful with not a damn thing. I swear the realtors artificially lower supply by making sellers wait their turn to list so there’s only one new listing a week, because otherwise it would seem rather odd for the weekly new listing to come up on Thursday every week, especially when several of them this summer have had the same listing agent.

But maybe that’s my inner Alex Jones talking, dunno.

Lastly, I mentioned a couple weeks back about some clearance sempervivums I got and wanted to repot. I finally got around to that today and went from 12 in 2 overcrowded 6-packs to 48 when I was done separating out all the babies and a couple fallen leaves that I figure might well root:

Here’s the before (I just repotted the green ones, the black ones were doing just fine in their current pots):

And here’s the after: