Labour Day

So, since I was on a planting kick yesterday and since I’ve been binge-watching Garden Answer videos lately, I decided that the 4 medium containers I got on clearance for $7 each at Jysk last month ought to be potted up for fall rather than left empty and stacked waiting for next year after I’ve bought and moved into my own house.

Last night I dragged them into place on the back deck here at my dad’s house:

And this morning I went off to the local Home Depot and Canadian Tire in order to fill them, plus London Drugs where I knew they had rolling plant stands for under ten bucks each, then got to work after lunch.

Pickings at this time of the year were slimmer albeit probably still cheaper than going to the big garden centre south of town, but I kinda dig my choices, and I think they’re all perennials that I can reuse at my future house next year.

First up, Home Depot, where I fetched soil and some violas. I wasn’t planning on anything else, except the violas were next to the hostas, and there were some smallish hostas with flower stalks. Some were open, and while I was there, a hummingbird was visiting all of the open hosta flowers, and I figured since there’s a hummingbird who comes by to feed on the impatiens I have in hanging baskets and I know those don’t have much time left so I kinda felt guilted into buying some hostas, lol.

Meh, only 4 of them and I’m sure I can find a home for them.

There wasn’t much else to pick from, at least not in smaller pots, so I headed across the strip mall to the Canadian Tire. Their selection was dwindling as well, but I did find enough to keep my containers stuffed, from baby lemon cypresses to some other interesting ground covers I wasn’t familiar with but figured I’d give a try at less than 3 bucks a pot.

All in all, here’s what I got:

The dianthus wouldn’t fit in the taller containers, so I stuck them with some extra violas into a couple of trough planters. Which are only half full, but I’ll probably pick up some mini-mums or more violas in a couple days to fluff them out.

I also added a couple Halloween things – two purple glass witch solar light stick things from Home Depot I bought on the weekend, and 2 mini stakes from Michael’s I got a couple weeks ago on two for one.

And here is the finished view of the corner of the deck:

I also lined up yesterday’s transplants along the edge to maximize their sun exposure. The deck is in full sun from the morning to halfway through the afternoon, and that edge by the railing is the last holdout as the shadow of the roof creeps across:

I may have to rotate the big containers around since the 3 along the one side will get full sun from probably 8am through about 3pm, but the one on the left probably gets sun a bit later, say 9, and loses it a bit earlier, say 1. So maybe I’ll play musical spots every week to try to even things out between the 4 pots.

I might have to move the succulents when the rains come, but hopefully by the time the rains really come it won’t matter as they’ll be on a new property anyway. I might have to keep them inside over the winter anyway since they’re newly transplanted, but we’ll see. Hopefully when I join the garden club in a couple weeks someone can tell me the most ideal time to pop them into the ground, but then I plan to use them in a semi-formal layout in the front yard, so I have to rip out sod anyway and probably won’t get that done before spring anyway…

But I digress.

Here are some closer views of the various containers:

They don’t look much like Garden Answer containers, but then, she’s got a whole greenhouse full of stuff to pull from on the fly and her family owns a garden centre which presumably has selection that’s a bit more than the big box stores on Labour Day. Also, she’s been doing this shit long enough to plan ahead for fall containers, rather than deciding on a whim to do them the next morning, lol.

Anyway, rough costs:

Jysk last month for pots: ~$35 for 4 on clearance
Halloween stakes from Michael’s: $5 (because they were 2 for 1, otherwise it would be $5 each)
Halloween light stakes from Home Depot: $30 ($15 each)
3 bags of soil, 4 hostas, 4 6-packs of violas from Home Depot: ~$75
4 each of the other plants from Canadian Tire: ~$30
4 rolling plant stand things from London Drugs: ~$40

So, all in all: $215 for 4 containers, so under $55 each, including the actual pots and soil.

Could have been a bit less since I only used 2 bags of soil and the dianthus and one 6-pack of violas went into the long trough containers, so that would bring the total under $200 for the 4 actual large containers, so under $50 each. Not bad, considering that all of these plants can be reused and will then become semi-permanent landscaping, plus I’ve seen similar sized pots for more than that just for the pot.

Clearance sales kick ass.

I also moved my little white bistro set to the back deck in order to sit and look at my work.

Anyway, aside from that, not much was done today.