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Guilds, Quilts, Cowichan Exhibtion, and a bunch of stitching

Mid-October and I could have sworn I posted here in mid-September… well, turns out I started this as a draft only back then but never finished and posted it. Oops.

Well, it’s fall now and that means the start of guild meetings again….


In the September Nanaimo Modern Quilt Guild meeting we had the reveal of the playing card challenge quilts, so now I can post what I just hinted at in August:

I got the seven of hearts and after a summer of not knowing what to do with it and then a few days of being bedridden with a weird hip injury I remembered I had a skeleton panel in my stash and I thought of the 7 chakras and went from there (when I could sit long enough at my machine to do it).

I attended two quilting workshops in September. The first was Stacey Day teaching her Sparkle Pop pattern to the Victoria Modern Quilt Guild (and they invited their sister guilds which is how I knew about it). I have the blocks done but still have to assemble the top:

You can probably guess I had a Christmas vibe going for it. Whether it will get finished for Christmas 2018 is anyone’s guess.

The other workshop was working from the One Block Wonder book at Kaleidoscope Quilt Company. I got one done in class and have fabric and plans for a couple more.

I’ve also been working on that nautical courthouse steps quilt that I’ve mentioned before:

Kinda stalled out because of the other two projects.

I also made a small crazy quilt bag as a sample for my last guild meeting:

It will hold my rune stones, which means I have to rejig the closure. The finished crazy quilt ended up being thick and inflexible, so the draw strings can’t actually pull it closed enough that the runes won’t fall out, so I need to hand-stitch a zipper up top.

(Eventually. When I get around to it.)

I have a couple other quilt projects on the go that I forgot to take photos of, so they’ll wait to be featured here.


I think the two main cross-stitch pieces I’ve worked on in the last few weeks were Prairie Schooler‘s “Night Flight” and an old Thea Dueck Canadian sampler she designed in honour of Canada’s 125th birthday, plus a few stitches in By the Bay Needlearts‘ “Blue Hawaiian Garden.”

I started the Canada sampler while sitting and volunteering at the Cowichan Exhibition for the Cowichan Valley Needle Arts Guild, wherein we all take turns sitting and watching over the creative stitchery part of the hall exhibits and answering questions visitors might have. We always make a point of working on something as we sit and watch, and that usually brings in extra interest… and sometimes new potential members but mostly women saying “my mom/aunt/great-great-grandma used to do that sort of thing!”

Sigh… next year I’ll be sure to be working on something by Satsuma Street or the like in the hopes of maybe enticing the young’uns into trying it themselves. Same reason I showed up in a Guns N Roses shirt one of the three days and made sure to have my tattoos bared all three days.

Anyway, this was my first time working on linen instead of aida, just some 28 count “Irish linen” I got from Michael’s that they seem to have not restocked ever. After the first hour or so I think I got the hang of it, so it’ll be fun to try other linen counts in the future… mind you, I should use up my current stash of aida first.

Now, I had no entries into the Cowichan Exhibition because I was scatter-brained in August (well, generally, but particularly this August) and I missed the entry deadline, so unlike my friends I did not get any ribbons, but I did get some inspiration (and possibly some envy), plus the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada is having its annual seminar in Victoria next May hosted by our sister guild, so I registered for seminar with my lists of class requests in order of preference, and between the two plus this summer’s initial foray into needlepoint/canvaswork, I got to thinking about broadening my horizons in the embroidery world and learning some new techniques. (Read: I wanna damn ribbon(s) too!)

So, research and planning is underway, we’ll see what comes of it:

I also have project kits/patterns for a variety of new-to-me techniques from crewel to Brazilian embroidery to stumpwork and I think a few others I’m forgetting, and I’ve signed up for a beginner’s bobbin lace workshop and a tatting workshop.

Speaking of workshops and new techniques…


I’ve enrolled in the EAC’s basic canvaswork yearlong correspondence course. So far I’ve been making stitch sample blocks like this:

I’m trying to rush through this part of the course since the last part involves designing and stitching a great big piece and I want to have as much of the year left to do it in as possible.

Speaking of big pieces:

I started Deb Bee’s Designs‘ “Hot Stuff,” which I had gotten the pattern and threads for in the summer. I hope to have it finished, framed, and exhibited in the next Cowichan Exhibition. I think in the end it comes out to a 14″ diamond.

Misc. DIY

Since I’m trying to buy a house of my own and since I’m into some woo woo New Age occult stuff such that I’ll want to thoroughly smudge the place as soon as I get the keys even before I start cleaning and painting, I figured I needed a smudge fan.

From the photos I’ve seen and observations in overpriced New Age shops, it seemed all I needed was some feathers, a stick, and some leather or ribbon or both to tie it all together.

So, on one of my many trips to Michael’s recently I picked up 3 feather picks, grabbed a small piece of driftwood that’s been kicking around in my trunk since I picked it up off one of the beaches on Salt Spring Island a while back, got a large-ish scrap of red leather from Fabricland when they had a sale, and dug in my stash for a roll of gold braid ribbon I think I got from Walmart and a suede pace tipped with feathers that I got from Dressew last year.

Then on Friday night when I was sitting upstairs (because there is no cell phone signal in the basement by my quilting set up) waiting to hear from my realtor whether I got the latest house I bid on (I didn’t), I assembled my very own smudging fan:

Total cost: 20 bucks.

So, no house yet, but when I do get one, at least I’m all ready to smudge the Hell out of it.