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Crazy quilt bags, cross-stitch, crewel… oh, and a house

So, I guess the big news of the last couple days is I have an accepted offer on a house.

woo hoo!!!

Anyway, if all goes well, subject removal is November 7, and I’ll get possession in early December.

The actual move might take a while since I live in my father’s house 25 minutes away and therefore have the luxury of time, but at some point my sewing and crafting will be being done here:

Above: corner where I will shove my sewing desk in the family room which will be my sewing room. Below: sliver view of the sewing room from the living room:

Where the current owner has her sofa is probably where I’ll put my ironing table, since pressing is a sucky chore in quilting and I might as well be able to look out the window while I stand there and do it for an hour after chain-piecing dozens of blocks. Next to the window will be where my drums will go and then fabric stash cabinets will be on the wall next to the french doors.

Of course, a lot of the smaller craft stuff will either get done sitting at the dining room table or some other small table. The current owner is using the dining room as an office but has a table in this odd nook area next to the kitchen, which is next to the side entry so I’ll probably mostly use it as a mudroom/entryway, but I’ll probably put a small table and chair or desk where she has her dining table so I can use the daylight (my dining table is going back in the dining room, lol):

Anyway, more on that when I get possession.

Apart from buying a house, I got a couple small projects done.

I finished the little rune bag I mentioned a couple posts ago.

First I sewed a ribbon down the middle of some twill tape-like ribbon and sewed that around the top edge to hide where I had issues with the lining and outside fabric meeting (because I just winged the assembly of the bag and got some things messed up, lol):

Then I started hand-sewing in a zipper.

Which sucks. Folks, check out YouTube tutorials on “lined zipper pouch” and avoid my mistake. Far better to sew the zipper into the fabrics before assembling them into a closed bag.

However, I didn’t have that option since I hadn’t planned on a zipper until I’d already made the bag and discovered it was too stiff for the drawstrings to actually close it. I also didn’t have the zipper oriented exactly right so the back is a little off with each end of the zipper about 1/2″ from the side seams.

Oh well. It closes now and keeps my runes from falling out, and I learned from my mistakes for next time.

Since the fabric was too thick for the drawstrings to work effectively, I simply tacked down the gold ribbon at each side seam and to itself where it crossed over on both sides and then tied the ribbon into two bows.

Speaking of learning from my mistakes, I applied a lot of that to making a little pouch for the threadsnips that I put my fob on the other day.

This one went much better, mostly because I sorta figured out how to put it together and turn it and in what order.

I did find it a bit awkward to attack the button loop cord with a zig-zag stitch inside the edge of the bag, ditto sewing on the button, but with better planning next time could do that and even the button itself (well, maybe not the button itself) before attaching the lining and turning.

But definitely an improvement over the rune bag. And I plan to make some small crazy-quilt coin purses and sunglasses cases to practise making these small bags and improve more.

Anyway, on to stitching.

Since I will have a house soon, I figured I’d better get back to this little Moira Blackburn sampler, “Don’t Worry Spiders”:

And I also started the crewel kit I mentioned in the last post:

The kit is called “Feather Your Nest” and it’s by Crazy for Crewel.

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