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3 bees and a tassel

Haven’t gotten a lot of crafting done as I’ve been busy scheming about the house and where to put what furniture and what paint colors I might use, plus I’ve been busy in Pro Tools recording and editing guitars and trying to figure out why my acoustic guitar which sounds nice in the room when I play it sounds like shit when I record it… but I did get a couple crafty things done since my last post.

Tomorrow I’m taking a shuttle tatting class at The Stitcher’s Muse up in Nanaimo and while it’s a shuttle tatting class, I put the tatting needles I bought there and a picot gauge and some other misc. supplies in a little makeup bag I found a couple weeks back at Michael’s that had a lace print on it to take to the class just in case.

Then I decided I didn’t like that the zipper pull on said bag was plain. Now, I wasn’t going to stitch a fob for it, but I figured I could make a tassel for it and set about finding a YouTube tutorial since I’ve sorta learned my lesson about not doing that first:

I went with the middle option where you wrap the middle of the floss, using a couple regular DMC skeins (ecru and 310 black) and one of the metallic gold DMCs:

I then twisted up a length of the gold DMC floss to make the little cord to attach to the zipper.

The back isn’t as smooth as I would have liked, but meh. First time, eh?

The only other crafting I’ve gotten done since my last post a few days ago was about an hour of stitching on Carriage House Samplings“The Birds & the Bees” last night:

I might get moving on my Embroiderers’ Association of Canada canvaswork samples for that correspondence course later or I might stitch a few more bees while listening to Bitchute videos. We’ll see.