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Another faux finish for the new house, cross-stitch, crewel, bobbin lace…

Howdy, long time no post… but I’ve been busy… -ish…

So, on Sunday I picked up this nifty green-patina chandelier for the new house:

Whoever removed it from wherever it used to live simply cut the cord off 2 inches above the top of it and left the canopy on the ceiling, which is retarded, if only because when they put a new light fixture there they need to remove the canopy and then remove the excess wire they cut off which is then twisted in to the main supply wires for the circuit, unless they’re really dumb and will just nut in the new fixture to the dangling wires, which is entirely possible… so really they just made extra work for themselves and for me.

Or rather, for my dad, who rewired the whole damn chandelier on Monday and found a spare canopy for it as well. But as you can see, it doesn’t match.

Paint to the rescue:

I already had the two metallics from my sign project, so it cost a whopping 5 bucks for the rest (well, plus $115 for the chandelier…) and barely used any paint:

I’ll try to remember to post a pic with it in place in the new house, but it’ll be a month or so.

What else… well, the guild meeting and the big reveal (which was only two of us, so womp womp…) is over, so I can show that crazy quilt I was working on:

So, the challenge for the guild was to take crazy quilting and make it modern somehow. I’m not 100% sure I succeeded in making it “modern,” but I would say I succeeded in making it feel more… I dunno… “fresh”? Much of which is thanks to the pinks and lime greens and solids.

This is of course a Christmas piece and is intended as a table topper for a square coffee table I have.

I learned the hard way why crazy quilters use foundation fabrics cut into blocks rather than a big one the size of the finished piece: damn thing was almost impossible to manipulate for quilting at the end and even the last bits of piecing around the edges were a pain in the ass, so if I’d done 9 blocks 11×11″ instead and only assembled them at the very end, my life would have been way better during the last week of working on it.

Also, my foundation piece was 36×36″ but I seemed to forget this at some point, so I did some really great stuff around the edges that I then ended up having to cut off to bring this down to the finished size of 32×32″, which was still a bit bigger than it should have been (coffee table is 30×30″) but I didn’t want to lose any more edge stuff with the two vintage hankies I worked in to the corners.

Oh well. Live and learn, on to stitching…

I’ve made a bit of progress on my Embroiderers’ Association of Canada basic canvaswork class, but I need to get the lead out this week since even though I don’t have to have Lesson 1 in til December 13th, I will be moving starting on December 4th, and I still have a couple more assignment blocks and two larger sample and project blocks to do.

It will need to all be done by December 1st so I can scan it all, compile my notes, and send them off before the move so that’s not hanging over my head.

Anyway, here’s where I’m at on the second sample page on 14 count mesh:

I had another block half done before I realized I screwed up and had to unpick it.

I’m also having to chart things, and since I don’t have needlepoint charting software, I’m using Excel. Sigh…

(In progress chart for the top right block.)

I think I’m probably stitching this backwards as well, but oh well.

On to cross-stitch, of which there has not been much. First up, got about a 1/4″ more yellow added to Blackbird Designs’ “Yellow Submarine”:

And I finished the two brown pots on Moira Blackburn Samplers’ “Don’t Worry Spiders”:

And I got a couple leaves added onto Carriage House Samplings‘ “The Birds & the Bees”:

And that was it for stitching. However, I have acquired a new hobby: bobbin lace.

The nice thing about bobbin lace is that, like tatting, its a pretty cheap hobby – I spent maybe $200 on bobbins, pins, and a couple boards/pillows, which is admittedly much more than the $5 a tatting shuttle will set you back, but still pretty good. And after that it’s just the cost of thread, which is pretty cheap, certainly cheaper than quilting cottons or fancy embroidery floss. It also doesn’t take up an entire room of my house like quilting does.

Bobbin lace also has that nice in-between duration where a large project will certainly take much longer than a similar sized piece of quilting but far less time than tatting the same thing would (maybe it’s just me?). And it’s very versatile. I think I love it.

Anyway, I took an intro class at The Stitcher’s Muse up in Nanaimo on Saturday and between that and practising at home over the weekend I’ve learned a handful of stitches and made 3 bookmarks:

Aside from that, I’ve just been working on music stuff and going to guild meetings and getting my ducks in a row for the new house.

Oh, and hoarding. Once I’m in my place, my budget will tighten significantly, so I’ve been buying a bunch of patterns and kits and whatnot for my stash to work on in the next couple years. But we’ll see those as they start to come into rotation when I actually start them.