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New house! Also: lace, needlework, quilts, paint, and a wreath

First up: so I’ve been in the new house for about a week now. Not moved in, mind you – just in and doing some fixing up. Dad’s discovering a lot of wiring issues and has come to the conclusion that whoever did the wiring was a moron.

I disagree. The house is 117 years old, there have to have been a whole series of morons involved, not just one.

Anyway, most of the stuff I wanna do (eg: painting and decorating) has to wait until he finishes what he’s doing (rewiring), plus we discovered the same series of morons was also inept when it comes to taping the drywall seams, and most rooms will need to have the peeling tape removed and Dad will have to re-tape and mud before I can paint. So, delays.

Nonetheless, before we discovered all this crap, I shot a video tour of the joint and I’m too lazy to re-shoot it.

On the upside, there is now just one spot that needs another coat of mud on the patching where a long-unused thermostat for a heating system that is no longer there has been removed from the living room and then I can paint the living room. And Dad figures there’s a good chance that he can be finished with whatever re-wiring had to be sorted out in the kitchen tomorrow, so then I can paint the kitchen. And the downstairs bathroom just needs a ventilation fan installed, which should be done by Wednesday. That will be 3 rooms done or at least started.

(Still have to swap light fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom, and the living room will get the fake-tin ceiling treatment I think I mentioned in the video, though not until spring, probably.)

Here’s a couple rough photoshops I did up on possible paint colors (using the real estate photos, so the seller’s stuff, because I was too lazy to try to photoshop my stuff, lol):

I have gotten a couple projects done so far, despite the delays. I swapped the knobs in the kitchen:

And I did get one thing painted, albeit not any walls, just a little shelf unit for the downstairs bathroom. Before:


In the before pic, you can see the “before” for another of my projects in the last week: adding an assortment of picks to a plain flocked wreath for my front door. Here’s the finished wreath in place:

I also got some Christmas lights up, but didn’t take any good pics, and made a quick little flower arrangement in an old teapot:

But enough about the house for now. Here’s what else I was working on lately:

I took a workshop on a paper-pieced double wedding ring table topper quilt pattern. Thought I had taken more pics before packing it up for the move, but apparently not. We’ll call this one of the “befores”, lol… but it shows the color range for the arcs.

I also got to a sew-in date for my guild’s donation project, and started with putting together a kit of half-square triangles into a star pattern before adding some borders. These are a couple shots from about half-way through:

And then there was the tatting. My first attempt at a snowflake didn’t work so well, because I forgot that + means join to picot, lol, and my tension was lousy:

Later that week I caught up with another class at Stitcher’s Muse in Nanaimo and fared much better:

and the back:

Still have a long way to go, but my tatting is getting better.

Lastly, some embroidery. I’m almost done my first lesson in the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada basic canvaswork course (and it’s due in a week so I have to get my shit together on Monday night):

And I got a bit of work done on this crewelwork kit as well: