Embroidery · Paint jobs

Ceiling medallions, cross-stitch, canvaswork

Still no painting on the house as repairs and the like continue. Almost ready to paint, though.

Well, the walls. I did get a ceiling medallion painted to match the previous faux-patina canopy for the patina chandelier:

Probably more convincing from a distance, but hey, once it’s on the ceiling behind the chandelier, it’ll be distance enough:

It was done with the same small paint bottles in the other post that I linked above, only I did a base coat of these two colors in spray paint to make it faster than me trying to get into all the nooks and crannies with a paintbrush (read: because lazy):

This is also a dry run for if I go with that faux-patina fake tin (well, copper, really) ceiling in the living room as photoshopped here:

Which I may yet do in the spring, I just have to see once the room is all painted.

Alternatively, I may skip the fake patina and just go for fake bronze:

Which looks odd in the photoshop but I’ve seen some Pinterest pics of teal rooms with copper-look ceilings and it looked really cool.

And hey, if it doesn’t, guess I can always paint it white down the road and just have the texture.

Anyway, I got a bit of stitching done as well. I’m doing a couple small samples (just one motif each) for one of my guildmates, who dyes fibre and wanted us to test a new color for her with different little pieces. I’ll post links once things are live on her site, but in the meantime, here’s what I’m making with it:

Above: I will probably make this into a little scissor fob. It’s a motif from Plum Street Samplers’ “His & Hers.”

2 strands, either 16 or 18 count aida (I forget now, lol… and I think I tried to shrink it to tighten it up since I couldn’t find black 22 count aida and my attempts to make one either turned out grey or brown.)

Below: this I will probably make into a pincushion or mini pillow ornament, edge motif from Michelle Ink’s “Quaker Gone Tropic” that I doubled to make a whole squarish piece from:

1 strand, 22 count aida.

I also finished up the first lesson on my EAC canvaswork course.

Speaking of the EAC, I’m eagerly awaiting hearing what the class assignments for Seminar in May will be. You give 1st through 3rd choice for two two-day classes and one one-day class, if too many people want a given course, it goes to lottery, and I think several did go to lottery this time. Looks like two of my first choices are full and went to lottery, so I hope I got lucky, but my other first choice isn’t full so I’m sure I got in. I thought we’d’ve been told already for those of us who registered early, but now I’m hearing we won’t be told assignments til January.

Oh well, I think I can buy kits for whatever I didn’t get into and then work on them on my own time, I’m just impatient to know if I got lucky.