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A ton of embroidery starts, plus a pink medallion

Well, next year I’ll be taking part in my local needlework shop’s UFO club, and to make things interesting, I’m starting a ton of varied techniques projects rather than just listing 12 of the 20 cross-stitch WIPs I have languishing on my to-stitch list.

Y’know, because it’s not a UFO if it’s not a WIP, and it’s not a WIP if I haven’t started it, so even though no one else would ever know, I’m starting a bunch of stuff to make my list legit.

So, since the last post, here’s what I’ve done:

Above: one of a book of 20 hardanger ornament patterns for next year’s Christmas tree. (Book is from the 70s, I think.)

Below: outline and centre lines basted on “Tiny Treasures,” a Blackwork Journey freebie.

Above: I started my first Brazilian piece.

Below: a hemp pillow kit I got from one of my guildmates’ stash that she didn’t want anymore.

Above: I started on one of my Sylvia Pippen sashiko kits.

Below: this one’s actually a restart. I’d started it on an 18 count aida I had from Michael’s that was getting weirdly puckered as I stitched on it even when my tension was loose, plus it’s 450 stitches high and would be massive, so it languished. I came up with the idea to stitch it 1 over 1 on some 28 count monaco that I hand dyed a mottled sandy color with some grey bits as well. This should work out under 16″ tall which will be a lot better in terms of wall space.

It’ll be one of only 2 cross-stitch pieces on the list… might even be the only one. (Will still do cross-stitch when I can, just won’t load my UFO list with it.)

“Quaker Gone Tropic” by Michelle Ink Designs.

I did have one finish aside from the starts, that being a motif from “Quaker Gone Tropic” I’m making into a little pin cushion that I previously showed here:

I also did one more medallion for my house, a rose one I did hot pink with light highlights in order to go with a pink glass chandelier I got on a whim for the laundry room.

I might tone it down to a lighter pink, though… this might overpower the chandelier. Dunno yet.