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Last post of 2018: curtains, casting on, and a bit of organizing

I had a huge list of things to post here until I checked and realized I forgot to update the list after posting my last blog.

Oh well.

But I have done a little bit.

Namely, I hemmed and added trim to curtains for two rooms in my new house:

These green velvet drapes got a subtle blue/white lace trim on the edges and will be hing in the dining room.

Below: Burgundy velvet drapes were going to be for the master, but since I’ve bought a velvet chaise and sofa, I figured they add some weight to the living room to balance out the furniture. They got a simple off-white cotton lace trim along the bottoms.

Of course, I haven’t painted yet, so I’ll have to take them down and the curtain rod needs to be a good 6″ higher.

Anyway, I added the paisley sheers from the old house’s living room. These might be too short once I raise the rod, but if so, they’ll go up into the master and I’ll use other sheers for in here.

I haven’t gotten much further in curtain-making or trimming, but I do have teal curtains for the mudroom/nook, which will have some fun jumbo rick rack trim added in tropical colors and I’ll also add some pompom trim around their edges:

Also in tropical colors, I have the family room curtains and sheers. Some assembly required:

In other house stuff, I changed the plain fake gold knobs on the laundry room cabinets to something a little more interesting:

I’ll probably paint or stain the cabinets something a bit more interesting, but at the rate I’m going, that won’t happen til July.

In other house happenings, I’ve bought and/or ordered the first few items of furniture. I got this dining table at the Brick on clearance ($150!), and it was the exact measurements I needed, plus it has the sort of rustic/distressed look I was hoping for:

It might be a tad dark, but if so, some day in the summer I’ll white wash it. For the most part it will be under a tablecloth anyway.

I also have a navy sofa on order from the Brick:

And a red chaise from Wayfair (would have liked to have the sofa in red as well, but oh well):

Also from Wayfair, a huge rug:

I swear it’ll all make sense when it’s together.

Also, the yellow rug was a bit intimidating, but if I got it wrong, it can always go into the family room, which has a citrusy color scheme, and then there’s a turquoise and red/pink rug I have in mind as a backup option.

We had a fun little discovery wherein what we thought was a wall under the stairs but with a weird plywood coating rather than drywall turned out to be simply a piece of plywood.

Before (taken at house inspection, so that’s the seller’s furniture):

Looks pretty convincing. We really thought it was an actual wall with just the other side being done in plywood to be cheap.

But nope:

Looks way better open, and it gives much easier access to that space. I plan to get a cat and a dog, and I can put their beds under there. Plus, it opens up a space such that they can chase each other in circles throughout the first floor.

Apart from that, I’ve been trying to get things organized. I started with all my assorted embroidery threads last week:

And in the last couple days my father has almost finished fixing up the upstairs storage room, so we should be able to paint that in a day or two, and thereafter I can actually get some of the clutter up into there and out of the living room and family rooms.

So, I fetched a bunch of storage bins, aqua for Christmas crap and coral for Halloween crap, and set to filling them. There are ten in all (6 Christmas and 4 Halloween), but I just took pics of a couple:

And that was about it, other than I haven’t knitted anything in ages, so I cast on for this two-color brioche that was on the cover of Vogue Knitting recently. At the rate I’m going, it might stay as just a cast-on for ages, but at least if I feel like knitting I have something I can grab: