Starting seeds and planting

Yes, actually trying to get this blog on a more frequent schedule…

So, last night I went through my assorted seed packs and figured out when to start which seeds in relation to the average last frost (April 1-10 here). There were a few that said they could be started indoors 8-10 weeks in advance, so I dug out my tray and peat pots and did up a row of delphiniums, a row of echinaceas, a row of columbines, and a row of rudbeckias:

I’ve picked up a bunch of shrubs for transforming the front lawn into a cottage-ish garden, and this afternoon I went through my list of shrubs with their mature sizes and light requirements along with a to-scale diagram of the front with the existing plants and I figured out where to put all the shrubs. Then I did the same for perennials and annuals.

The north half of the front yard is full of snowbell shoots planted by some prior owner that aren’t yet big enough for me to see all of them, so I’m planning to stay out of that side until I know I’m not stomping on the snowbells. For whatever reason, though, the south side has almost none, so I can start planting that up now.

First into the ground were 3 hellebores (var. “Merlin”):

And there was a section between the pieris and a small rhododendron “Trilby” that were already there where the lawn had grown back into the border bed. I got half of it dug out and flipped over soil side up, and then in the middle I put the viburnum “Pink Dawn”.

It barely shows up right now with the brown twigs against the brown soil, but the ends have pink buds that look about ready to burst and the viburnum is one of the earliest flowerers I have (save a winter jasmine assigned to the backyard).