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Finishing up the dining room; framing stuff

Yay for it only being 5 days since my last post! 

The dining room has continued to be the big project, so we might as well start there. 

First of all, I got a coat of white paint on the trim. 

I suppose I probably should have done a second coast to even it out, but meh, I was impatient to get the curtains up the next day. If it bugs me in the summer, I can always take the curtains down and redo it.

I got the curtains up with Dad’s help:

I may put a third layer on sheer curtain wire right inside the window frame as I have a set of white sheers with a jute net pattern embellished that kinda echoes the printed silver pattern on the navy sheers, but we’ll see.

We also hung a stained-glass swag lamp I got at auction last year (after Dad had to do something with the wiring and assembly that turned out to be questionable).

And then I started hanging things on the walls:

Love that pic of Nixon meeting Elvis. I think I’ve mentioned before I have a soft spot for absurd American right wing memorabilia, and this fits the bill.

But most of the political shit will go upstairs, lol…

Anyway, next up was the bench for under the window. It spent a few days hogging space in the living room before I got it assembled after the curtains were up.

But then I got it set up and in place awaiting the arrival of the area before I could finish things off.

(Mystery pole in the corner is a mop handle.)

And a couple days later, still waiting, though in the meantime I brought in a plant stand I got at auction last year (there’s another one I got at a thrift store that will go on the other side, but I have to paint it first).

Closeup of the little sheep art pic by the light switch:

And the plant in the corner on a stand I got at auction last year:

(This is probably the most accurate photo in terms of the actual shade of green, and even then, it’s a bit off. But it’s definitely not the yellowish green some of the pics show. Camera must be screwy, I dunno.)

Anyway, finally the rug showed up this morning.

So, time to set the table and chairs up as well as bringing in my antique black oak table in the corner with a couple extra chairs.

The big blank wall behind the table is slated for a huge canvas I started years ago. I plant to do an abstracted landscape on it that will go with the general color scheme… but that might take til the summer to get done.

Above the little table and below the lamp beside the stairs is a space that will be blank for another month until the paint cures enough for me to put up some Command hooks to hang one of my quilts.

Below: a couple thrift store iguanas conspire in the corner, probably planning to eat the houseplants when I’m not looking. Or at least that’s what my late real iguana used to do.

Detail of the rugs:

Aside from the dining room, Dad did get the sconces up in the studio the other day and I did get the bulbs and glass installed:

Note in one pic the mismatch between a “soft white” LED up top and a “daylight” on the bottom. They were all supposed to be soft white, so I got that fixed a couple days later when I found another soft white bulb. But I didn’t bother to take any pictures.

Also notice the giant magnolia tree covering the whole view out the window. Can’t wait til that sucker blooms… someday… when the snow has melted… someday…

In more practical news, there’s an access port to the upstairs crawl space in the closet of the studio and we need to add more insulation through it.

And by “we” I mean Dad.

Anyway, once he gets that done this week, we can close the crawlspace access door and paint the inside of the closet white. That then means it’s time to pick up the vinyl flooring for the whole of upstairs and this will be the first room to get it installed so we can then put the baseboards back on, put the curtains up, and then I can move my music recording set-up in here by early March.

This will get a triple layer of curtains. Sheers for every day privacy, and I got ones with little silver balls on them that I pinned to hem (balls = won’t go through the sewing machine, and I ain’t doing them by hand). Then I have a lightweight yellow botanical print that I’ll make curtains out of; again, more for everyday use. Then I have a set of green lightblocking and sound muffling heavy curtains that I’ll draw when I’m actually tracking or mixing… which may or may not do much for actual sound blocking, which will be helped far more if I can get one of those companies that does the blown-in insulation retrofitting on exterior walls to do my house at a reasonable price.

That would also help with hydro… when it was down to -5 and -10 last week even with the heat pump I was running $15-20 a day in hydro costs to keep the place sorta warm-ish (I set the thermostat on the central air system to 68F, and the thermometer in my living room says that ends up actually being more like 65F, which is rather cool for my liking, but when it’s -10, it still costs a fortune. Hence why I want to see about the blown-in insulation thing.

Also hence why I’m strongly considering a solar panel installation (the net metering kind). Won’t do much when the snow is thick, but then, if it saves a ton of cash the rest of the year it won’t be so bad if I have a couple weeks of $20 a day to heat it.

(Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m currently losing heat through a whole bunch of windows that have no curtains on them due to renos/fixes being done. Even sheers probably help a tiny bit.)

BC Hydro are gouging crooks anyway, but that’s a whole ‘nother rant… I want solar just as a fuck you to BC Hydro, lol.

But those are summer jobs, so I digress. In the meantime, Dad will be adding a bit more insulation to the crawlspaces.

Other stuff… Dad wanted to fix something with the wood molding holding up the mirrors in the upstairs bathroom, and we found this neat vintage wallpaper behind the mirrors:

“Neat” meaning it’s old and I ripped off a chunk to stick in a frame for lulz. If the whole bathroom was covered in that still, I would rip it off and paint it anyway, but in small doses it’s fun. Certainly better than the yellowish fake stucco crap someone did overtop of it as you can see above the sink.

The molding is fixed, the mirrors are back up hiding the wallpaper, the other trim Dad was working on is complete, and I now need to resume painting the bathroom with who knows how many coats of high gloss white.

Aside from that, I got a couple things framed, including the Mötley mirror:

I also found a shadowbox to house this Japanese kite we’ve had since the 80s when we had a Japanese exchange student spend a summer with us (happened through my elementary school, which I think did this exchange every couple years with 7th graders, except I was in 3rd grade, so I guess not enough 7th graders could house the Japanese students? I dunno now.)

Anyway, Satoko’s kite finally has a proper home. I think it will end up in the back entry foyer due to the red accent colors which will go nicely in there.

Also destined for that room, this Ramones poster:

I have a bunch of other posters etc. I need to get framed and have a list going for my next Michael’s run, but that probably won’t be til the weekend or early next week.

In the meantime, I’ll be painting and waiting for the last of the snow to melt.

Oh, and getting the corner of the living room ready for setting up my little stereo in the next couple days when I bring it over:

PS: got a tray of veggies and herb seeds started tonight: