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Plant-apalooza, plus some painting

Well, it’s been a busy couple weeks, mostly with garden stuff so let’s start there.

Seed starting is ongoing:

Meanwhile I’ll soon have to replant the jack o’lanterns; they’re almost right up to the grow light.

I have a few too many seed packets, actually, so I may start a few flats of flowers this weekend to use those up not for my garden but for the garden club’s plant sale at the end of April.

I got a few things potted up inside to give them a jumpstart, namely dicentras and cannas:

I also potted up a couple climbing roses… my rose fever made me impatient to the point where I drove all the way out to North Saanich (1 hr 30 minutes) to the one place rumored to already have them for sale and grabbed the two yellow climbers I wanted for the arbour I haven’t gotten around to building yet.

I put them outside next to the burgeoning rose garden… oh yeah, that. So, a couple years ago when Dad and I moved here, I planted three yellow roses in honour of my late mother at Dad’s place… which the damn deer have been chewing on so they were barely hanging on and of course there were no roses.

They have now been moved to my place to a bed where the previous owner put a climbing rose against a fence, and even just in a few days have put on a ton of fresh new tiny leaves in appreciation of not being chewed.

“Flower Carpet – Yellow” and 2x “Bill Reid.”

I also got a small red rose called “Never Alone” and added that:

I plan to get a couple more roses for this bed next week when my local nursery releases roses for sale (Grandiflora “Rock and Roll” and Floribunda “Just Joey”).

Anyway, for fun, I added a little fairy garden under the Flower Carpet rose:

In other potting, I brought over the four containers I planted in September to replant a couple of the dwarf lemon cypresses (‘Wilma’) on either side of the front path:

(Each will have 3 heathers around it, but I only got a couple of them in the ground today.)

The other cypresses were put into temporary pots until I decide where they’ll go in the back yard.

I then reused the pots for some pink-tinged New Zealand flax for around my patio:

I’d also had a couple brown ones that I picked up a couple weeks ago, but when I went to plant them they had some weird white powder around the base and seemed to be dying so I decided to discard those and I picked up two more pink ones since I’d just gotten them the day before and they were healthy.

And I also potted up a fatsia japonica, which will eventually get planted in the backyard but I don’t have a specific spot decided on yet… it’ll likely go in the Japanese garden, but that stuff can’t get planted until after I get the fence done.

Last two containers (for now):


Two more plantings: fothergilla:

And the yellow dogwood:

I got some pruning done as well. I decided to open up the ancient rhododendron in the front yard to see what interesting trunks I had and, low and behold, there was a camellia hiding in behind there:

Both want to grow to be 8-10′ high and wide.

Someone didn’t know what they were doing back in the 60s when they planted them this close, lol.

Just out of frame is a pieris on the left. It’s being strangled by ivy, it has black sooty marks on it which I suspect might be powdery mildew, and the bark is peeling.

Plus I’m not a fan of pieris, kinda blech.

It’ll be put out of its misery soon.

I also did some thinning on my Japanese maple, another small rhododendron, and a bit on the old lilac. The lilac has 3 trunks and one is completely dead and needing to be removed. I didn’t take pics of these, though.

Other garden stuff: bought and assembled a garden cart with removable sides:

A cheap weathervane from eBay that doesn’t actually spin with the wind, lol:

And some more insect houses:

This is a ladybug house.

The black triangle has 60 mason bee cocoons that should start hatching in a week or so.


Now into the house.

I picked up a vintage made-to-look-antique German vanity at the auction last Sunday:

I finished painting a turned wood plant stand I found at a local thrift store for 8 bucks:

In the first pic the other things being painted were the shelves for this little cubby in the studio:

I also put a coat of white paint inside the closet of the studio:

(The panel in the bottom there is the access door to one of the upstairs crawlspaces.)

Moving into the upstairs hallway, I finally got around to scrubbing clean the vent cover for the cold air return up there. It was still a dingy beige after washing it, so I spraypainted it high gloss white:

I also painted the sliding doors for the hall storage cubbies white from their awful beige/tan color:

Both the doors and the vent cover will go here:

And then I put a first coat of paint on the bottom of the hallway using leftover turquoise paint from the living room. (The top will be leftover aqua from the downstairs bathroom, and the trim will be high gloss white paint). Bad lighting because it was nighttime and the hallway currently just has a single bare bulb over the stairs (it’ll have a ceiling fan with 3 lights but that might be a couple weeks still) and a single bare bulb at the far end of the stairs.

The next morning Dad ripped out the carpet, and of course with daylight comes better lighting and color rendition:

Underlay still there in this pic, later that was removed and we found the floor underneath is kinda messed up and requiring repairs… sigh… and that will be dusty so I won’t get the rest of the painting done for a while.

Upstairs will have vinyl plank flooring which should be arriving tomorrow. It’ll go in the studio first, then the spare room, so I’ll be able to start getting those two rooms into order by the end of the month.

Lastly, the back foyer and that wall I was talking about last time. The space now looks like this and is ready for painting:

I painted the ceiling reaching somewhat over into the family room the other day:

It’ll get another of the medallions I painted a while back and the old chandelier from the house I grew up in, which I posted about painting white before.

I added some white chalk paint to add some matte areas to the finish, then dabbed on some silver, gold, and copper paint for a little faux patina:

Anyway, it’ll be replacing the bare bulb tomorrow or Friday.

(I gotta get posting more regularly to keep these from being so long, lol…)