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More landscaping and a bit of painting

Well, the lion’s share of what I was up to the last week or so was outdoors, but let’s get the indoors out of the way first.

In the back foyer, we got the chandelier hung and dressed, using this old canopy Dad had in his stash that I gave a tiny bit of faux-finishing with chalk paint and ye olde faithful metallic acrylic paints:

I then got the foyer painted with Behr’s “Yucatan”, a nice solid blue that plays well off the dining room’s green:

I then worked on getting the French doors painted lime green in and out:

Next I have to get the trim painted white, but Dad needs to fix a couple things with the baseboards before I can do that.

Just on the other side of the newly-moved half wall from the back foyer is the family room. I thought I was going to paint it a yellow-green shade called “Starfruit” by Behr, but once it was up on the walls, meh.

Looks all yellow and kinda blech. I had the notion to do it peach instead, and I did find a good shade, but it might be a week or two before I get it done.

Two of the upstairs rooms are getting close to being done, so some of the clutter currently residing in the family room will be moving upstairs into its final location soon, so the painting of the family room will probably be after some of the crap gets out of the way.

Dad has gotten the new vinyl plank flooring installed in the spare room and the studio:

(I forgot to take a pic in the studio.)

Next up there: finishing the baseboards and closets. Then Dad’s working on the subfloor in the upstairs hallway before I can finish painting the hallway before Dad then lays the new flooring there.

I’ve also started painting the front door, which was plain white inside and a wine red outside. I’m going with a lemon yellow, which will be nicely matched to the front garden flowers which will be a mix of yellows, whites, blues, and purples.

So far I only have a single coat, but I hope to get the other two coats done over the weekend:

Now onto the garden:

Up front I got a couple more heathers in the ground:

And that was about it for the front, so far. I have a couple more shrubs to go in the ground but 95% of the plant materials are bulbs or seed-starting flowers that can’t go in until after the last frost in a couple weeks.

Now, the side yards. In various pics of the back patio, there’s been the old lattice screen that got knocked down in the windstorm. Dad and I moved it to the south side to lean it against the house to provide support for a couple passionflower vines I got.

In doing so, one side got a bit messed up and the lattice fell out:

It didn’t want to stay up, of course, so a couple days later Dad and I mucked about with it to get the lattice re-secured in the frame:

I doubt I’ll get any fruit, though when I had a passionflower on the south side of the house in Richmond one year I did get one lonely fruit which never ripened. It’s hotter here, though, and the south side of my new house is much sunnier than the south side of the Richmond house, so who knows.

On the north side, I got sick of looking at the assortment of garbage and recycling cans. I usually just have a couple bins in the house and haul things to the recycling depot as I got used to doing in Richmond years ago, so I didn’t need the previous owner’s cans and they were an eyesore. Dad, however, had a use in mind for them, so he took the extras, leaving me with just one garbage can and one little kitchen waste bin (apparently here you’re not supposed to put yard waste in those; probably the only thing I miss from Richmond, where you could get great big green bins and put all sorts of yard trimmings and small branches along with kitchen waste).

They’re still an eyesore, but building a permanent screen would be a hassle, so I had the idea of surrounding them with a living screen in 4 medium pots, two of which are on wheeled caddies to move out of the way when I need to get at the trash cans.

I went with matching bright blue pots to introduce the tropical look of the back patio.

I picked up 2 tall narrow junipers and a couple other shrubs with a similar habit. The junipers will eventually get too big for these pots, but they can always be planted on Dad’s property or donated to my garden club’s plant sale, and I probably don’t have to worry about that for a couple years.

Still have to pot up the other two as I got sidetracked with a bigger project in the backyard, but we’ll get to that shortly.

In the side yard I plan to also have a few flowering vines like clematis and honeysuckle. I’ll be tacking up some plastic vine netting to support the vines on the fence. In the meantime, I got one of the clematis potted up:

I’ll have some other shade-loving perennials like dicentra and heuchera in containers lining the side yard, along with a couple garden stools. It’s probably too tight for a bistro set, but the stools should work fine.

On the back patio, I’ve been planting up some strawberries:

I picked up a Japanese banana tree plant, which had died down to the ground in the harsh winter, as they often do, but I expect it to bounce back. These things can grow 8 feet in one summer.

I also potted up some mint:

And a rhubarb:

Here’s some mint with some pansies and one of my gazing balls:

And I set up a solar fountain in a galvanized tub:

A couple other patio pics:

I’ve been setting up a little pollinators’ garden in the previous owner’s garden between my mason bee condo and the future veggie patch. I also put some fairy garden stuff in one half and might add more to the rest later:

I picked up a few roses on Wednesday, one of which (‘Just Joey’) is already in the back corner of the pollinators’ garden. Haven’t gotten the others in the ground yet, but that should be happening soon.

So, the big project. Remember my bitching about the evergreen hedge?

Dad and I got rid of it today. The trunks will be firewood, so we first stripped all the branches off and took those to the yard waste bin at the recycling depot (took two trips packing it in tightly to the back of Dad’s truck).

And then I planted two fruit trees: a combo apple and a combo cherry, each with 5 varieties grafted into the root stock.

You can see in the back there’s another evergreen hedge by the back fence. I plan to the the same thing back there next month, only I think I’ll go with a pair of hazelnut trees. And then we can build a couple compost bins between them. (Plus, there’s a mess of blackberries spreading like crazy back there and I’m in the middle of cutting them down but the hedge is making the process difficult.)

Lastly in the gardening realm, I started a bunch of seeds for the garden club’s plant sale at the end of April:

Lastly overall, a tiny bit of cross-stitch (done at the guild meeting on Thursday):