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Climbing vines, curtains, and a fig, etc.

Oh look, a daily post instead of a monthly one! LOL…

So, I mentioned yesterday about my plan to rip out the last evergreen hedge and replace it with small nut trees. I popped by Canadian Tire first thing in the morning and lo and behold they had one of the filbert varieties I was planning on, so I grabbed it.

I also ended up with a fig, another rose, and a hardy hibiscus tree.

The fig got potted up later on in the afternoon and put on the (generally sunny but not in this picture) south side of the house:

(‘Desert King’)

I put another coat of yellow paint on the front door and while that was drying and I had to leave the door open, I hung around the front of the house and reorganized my kitchen cupboards and did some tidying in the family room and living room.

And forgot to take pics. Oh well.

When Dad got there, he took down a pieris shrub that I didn’t like, and which seemed like it had seen better days anyway, along with the dead trunk of my lilac tree.

Then we put up the curtain rod in the studio along with a set of sheers I pin-hemmed a couple weeks ago and a guitar-themed shelf with hooks for cables. I also put a couple small items on the shelves, but will leave the rest til after the baseboards are in and I have my drums set up in there.

Funny how the color changes with the angle and light. All three pics were taken with the lights on within a couple minutes. The most accurate is the pic with the shelves.

I also hung up my Rolling Stones “mirror” and a palm tree corkboard down in the back foyer:

I think I forgot to post a pic in the last post about how I broke up the plastic seedling pots with the pumpkin seedlings to give them more space in a small half tray by the living room window:

Anyway, let’s go outside.

I finished the last couple pots of screening plants by the trash bins:

Then Dad and I stapled up some garden support netting on the fence and I potted up 3 of my 4 climbing vines (I forgot to get a pot for the winter jasmine, but will handle that tomorrow or Monday), plus some other shade-loving perennials like dicentra (bleeding hearts) and bergenia.

So, big improvement in the side yards.

I also got a couple cordylines (‘Red Star’) potted up on the patio:

Note to self: these two have to come inside before winter. Or at least into the greenhouse that I should have set up by then.